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This is a such a big deal for me. When I started my journey into the world of photography, there were many things that inspired me and kept me determined to be true to myself, to look for the alternative, the quirky, the individual. And most of all to be brave and believe in ME.

Noa Azouley-Sclater aka Feather love is a massive source of inspiration to me. The first time I saw her work was like an explosion went off in my head. The images had such strength and honesty. Although they captured beauty through a dreamlike fantasy, it also was filled with a gritty, dirty truthfulness. So unique and here’s that word again... ‘Brave’.. she was nothing like I had ever seen before or since for that matter. You feel the picture, you know its real and true to who Noa is. There is no gimmick or trend.

It is very important as a creative artist to find the real you and what makes you unique. Yes look to others for inspiration and encouragement, but ultimately if what you do is not ‘real’ it will show, you will not feel it, and this will be reflected in your work.

I was lucky to meet Noa last year when she was in London with her husbands band. She shot mine and Pete’s engagement shoot in a simple little church and I will forever treasure these images not only as beautiful pieces of art but also as a reminder of my own personal journey. Since then we have kept in touch as friends, mutually admiring each others work and I always dreamt that one day I would get to work with her…. and now it's happening. Noa is running a workshop in London and Belgium in September and I've been asked to be a guest speaker. Even just skyping with Noa for an hour gave me so much fire in my belly to really celebrate and push my own creativity and I'm so bloody excited to be a part of this...

The Feather LoveWorkshop

The Feather Love workshop is an artist workshop and is focused primarily on understanding yourself as an artist, increasing your connection to your creativity, staying inspired and innovative. Noa covers blogging, the wedding industry, getting featured, getting clients you want, artistic integrity, artistic philosophy, breaking rules and branding yourself along with your work.

Workshop Dates
LONDON - Wednesday 7th September 2011
BELGIUM - Friday 9th September 2011

There are many incredible technical photography workshops out there, but THIS workshop will be focused more on inspiration, finding your own style and voice in the industry and being fulfilled as an artist. Noa has compiled many questions that she receives from photographers and has put together a talk to cover all those questions. This will NOT be some class on how to make your work like Feather Love; instead it WILL be an inspiring talk and a shoot that will help give direction on how to find your OWN unique style and voice and also how to do so unapologetically! Noa strongly believes that each artist has their own path. If you lose your entire grip on reality when you see a beautiful photograph and you want your OWN work to give you that same feeling - this workshop is for you!

Included in Noa's talk:
* How she started in the industry and what step-by-step changes she made to increase
personal fulfillment
* Using the blog world to get 'free' advertising
* Getting the clients YOU want
* Finding your own influences and artistic style
* Artistic integrity
* Keeping inspired
* 'Shooting from the hip'
* Breaking rules to get what you want
* Finding and creating processing that you like
* Being the Art Director of your shoots
* Intuitive shooting
* What is the artist creature? Noa also discusses her philosophies on what it means to be an artist and how to merge your life, art and work together....

...and lots more!!!

Guest Speaker - Emma Case Photography
I will be discussing the UK industry, how these approaches can be made within the UK wedding industry touching upon how I started, what decisions I made to be true to myself, managing client's expectations as well as your own and how we can create our own path on our home turf by helping to break the mould.

There will be opportunities for you to discuss and ask questions and you will also be given time to shoot alongside Noa so bring your cameras (and also your dancing shoes as the workshop will be followed by what is more commonly known as an 'after-party'!!!)

Full day workshop €500 (£438)
To book your seat for London please follow the link... LONDON
To book your seat for Belgium please follow the link... BELGIUM

Think I might need to lie down.......
Shit me.


  1. Sounds amazing. I want to come along and I'm not even a photographer! x

  2. Now I really want to go to this workshop. Dammit, wheres that spare £450?

  3. I'm excited for you Emma...I think this will be one amazing workshop! Im seriously thinking about booking a place now..

  4. i die i die i die...cant wait for this. not just so we can hang out and party (again) but so i can FINALLY meet Noa. Seriously all kinds of awesome, i feel proper giddy.

  5. ha ha, i love your honesty : 'think i might need to lie down... shit me' perfectly normal answer for something as fab as this.

  6. This is fabulous news, a hearty congratulations Emma.


  7. Yes please! Any spaces left!?!

  8. congrats to both of you! wish i could come coz it falls on my birthday :)you guys are awesome!