ohhh we love a voucher....

It's Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaas!!!

Stuck for what to buy your friends and family this year? Why not get them a voucher with a difference!
'Emma Case Photography' vouchers are redeemable on any services and products and are available from £25 upwards...

You could use your vouchers to purchase couple or family shoots.... and for my existing couples you could get a beautiful framed print or now that my new Folio albums are available... why not ask friends and family to put towards your wedding album!

Portrait sessions start from £250

To purchase a voucher please email info@emmacasephotography.co.uk....
Please order by the 14th December for delivery in time for Christmas!

NB. Yep that's me loving the arrival of my new baby sister.... also seem to be ecstatic about the ill fitted xmas jumper and boy haircut.


  1. love this because you look like a boy!!!! People thought I was joseph when I was little my mum had to say erm, no, joanna and she decided then to grow my hair and then I looked like Crystal Tips!!!!

  2. Hahahaha, you look like you are trying to think of ways to flush that baby down the loo!!! Love it Emma x