debs & richie

We met up with Debs and Richie in Glasgow on the way back down from our Argyll wedding and we spent the most enjoyable afternoon with them both. Meeting them in the pub we chatted like mates... (Pete and Richie were getting on like a house on fire!)...and me and Debs even had the same coats on :)
We didn't really have a plan of where to go but ended up just having a wander and sometimes that's the best way as we found some ace spots including the most fabulous vintage clothes shop where all four of us ended up just browsing! We've got their wedding back up in Glagow in a few weeks and we canny wait!


  1. Oooh I love her coat. Gret, fun shots. I'm glad that you keep pressing the 'blog' button!! :-)

  2. The picture on the bridge is just absolute MAGIC! X

  3. Wonderful photos!

    Next time you find yourself having a wander round Glasgow, if you haven't already found these treasures then look up: Mono for drinks; Relics for antiques; and Mr Ben's & Starry Starry Night for vintage clothes. Beauties.

  4. Fab photos - also try my daughter's place for vintage treasures and teas - The Hidden Lane Tea Room:
    www.thehiddenlanetearoom.blogspot.co.uk (1103 Argyll Street)

    Fabulous old cobbled lanes - great for retro styling.

  5. Great locations. Good job you didn't know where you were going! Serendipity really is the best.

  6. hey i'm a friend of chloe browne's and she directed me to your blog. i must say I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORK! the balck and white photos of the couple on the high street are definetly my favourite ones.

    check my blog out and leave comments if you can i would really appreciate it as i'm just starting out.