claire & paul

This is Claire and Paul... they're getting married next year and live half hour up the road from us... so far, we've eaten a roast dinner together, had a curry together (that Paul made and had a boiled egg in.. get in), slept over at their house and went out for Pete's birthday... so it's safe to say that they're now mates, good mates... and whenever we're together we end up talking about either food... or cats (they have 2 gorgeous cats, Keith and Steve who are their babies just like Maximo is our baby). We had the loveliest afternoon walking along the canal, taking piccies and then eating cobs and drinking cider at the pub. Love my job.


  1. I just love your close up portraits Emma, you capture emotions so beautifully! And leaves are just too much fun in photos.

  2. Brilliant!

    He also reminds me of Matthew McConaughey! xx

  3. Oh, how sweet. I love every single thing about these images: the composition, the light, the love you are able to just encapsulate in a shot. Wonderful!