Rock 'n Roll Bride!!!

My photography journey so far has completely and utterly blown me away. I honestly feel that I'm going to wake up and it all have been a dream! One lady who has supported me sooo much (I pretty much owe her my life wage) is the most wonderful Kat from Rock 'n Roll Bride. I don't need to say how bloomin' wonderful, interesting, unique, beautiful and stunning her blog is and how much it just fits. It completely gets us... all the brides that trawl through the internet wondering where are all the things we like? Where are all the cool, alternative things? You find RNRB and you find yourself and breath a huge sigh of relief!
Kat posted my first ever wedding last year and seriously...I. could. not. believe. it. So when Kat said she would post my next one I actually laughed at the absurdity of it all! I'm just a girl who loves taking photos and looking at others' photos... I should be looking at other photographers on her blog, not looking at my own photos on her blog.... I really hope I don't wake up.

I also wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past few months. Photographers like Steve Gerrard Photography, Feather Love Photography, Caught the Light, Josephine Sicad Photography, Oeil Photography, Ashton Jean-Pierre and Gingerlee Photography have all been such a huge influence and a huge help, I feel that I've made some really special friends regardless of distance. I absolutely love what you guys do. Your pictures are simply amazing.


  1. i love yooooou!! im so excited and honoured that you consider me to have attributed to your success, you ROCK SO HARD!

  2. You're more than ever inspiring me, do know that please. =)

    BIG HUGS BACK for the wonderful work!!!

  3. Yayyyy! Can't wait for you to photograph our wedding :) x

  4. I discovered you through Kat and have to say I'm delighted I have! I think you're a natural with the lens and can't wait to see more of your work :)

  5. you're wonderful Emma! Thanks for the shout-out darling and I can't wait to be able to share our little "secret" with everyone!! soon enough ;) xoxo

  6. Oh, how nice are you? I've just come on to show my husband this Emma Case I've been talking about. What a nice surprise.
    Some more recommendations coming your way. x