My little sister Jodie and I spent the day together today. That's pretty rare as we haven't lived in the same city for a long time... we really should see each other more. We had brunch, went to the local tip to try and find anything antique... (she bought a bowl for 20p) and then we took her two dogs, Billy and Brian for a walk and I took some pictures.
As sisters we couldn't look any more different.. she's blonde, tall, has amazingly long gorgeous legs and I'm...well.....the opposite. She's grown into the most gorgeous, wonderful, intelligent, caring, beautiful, funny and thoughtful young lady and I'm so so so proud of her. Thanks for a lovely day Jodes.

Love you Jodie Case!!


  1. i love these pictures emma, your both beautiful

  2. Amazing is not enough to say Emma! ♥ ♥ ♥
    the tones are killing me =)
    Prettiness sure runs in your genes!!!

    *looks like im leaving same comment in FB and here hahaha*