zoe & will

I have a confession; This was actually my first ever engagement session and....... I LOVED it!
I didn't actually disclose this information beforehand as I wanted them both to feel completely comfortable and trust me and my little camera (sorry Zoe and Will!). It was also the first time I've ever photographed anyone that I didn't know and you can imagine how relieved I was when they were the most welcoming, friendly, interesting and easy going couple you could ever meet! Add living on a boat next to Battersea power station, a walk along the Thames and a pint in the local and I had all the ingredients for a great day!
Zoe & Will, thank you so much for being fabulous yesterday and setting the bar..... I really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


  1. Your first ever engagement session absolutely ROCKS! I love, love, love it. x

  2. Emma , I loved your blog, is beautifull :) , excuse for grammatical errors, I'm from Brazil and do not speak English very well Congratulations, kiss