me me me me me....

1. I eat with my fork in my right hand and kick a football with my left foot.
2. I am very proud of being born in Liverpool.
3. I honestly believe that Pete is my perfect match in every way.
4. I eat about 10 boiled eggs a week. I love them.
5. I can stilt walk.
6. My thumbs are double jointed.
7. If I eat a banana I never eat the ends.
8. I wish I could move all my friends and family from Southampton to Birmingham.
9. Recently somebody said I have a 'Deaf Identity' and I was extremely touched.
10. I am in love with photography and drive Pete mad buying photo frames all the time.
11. I will own a Camper Van one day.
12. When I eat I have to have the same number of pieces of steak (for example) as chips on my plate.
13. I told my Sister that there was no Santa so she could help me find presents.
14. If the wind is blowing in the right direction you can smell chocolate from Cadbury World from our house.
15. I adore mojitos and mulled wine (but not together)
16. My favourite song is 'Let Go' by Frou Frou. It makes me feel so happy that I smile every time I hear it.
17. I think I have only felt anger maybe a handful of times my whole life.
18. I am very proud of my family.
19. I love avacado.
20. I don't like feet. Especially when they touch me.
21. I don't like the feel of unvarnished wood. Wooden spoons are the worst. It's like running your fingernails down a blackboard
22. When I was young I used to pretend to skip with a skipping rope but with just my hands. If I'd done 10 skips I would then have to do it in reverse the same number of times.
23. I have good comic timing.
24. I drink tea all day long but have never finished a whole cup. I always leave a bit in the bottom.
25. I adore Sign Language so much that I miss it if I don't Sign for a day.

Have just realised how many points are about food!?!


  1. Oh adorable you =)
    I am glad to know more things of you =)
    Geez I am working and beaming yet on my unpublished blogsite...few backtracks to do as it appears =)
    thanks for the push too hehehe *wink*

  2. weirdly, i knew most of these things about you already. i blame red wine.

  3. :) love your photography Emma! totally agree about wavelengths :)
    you are now officially bookmarked