linden love

It was a pretty emotional day yesterday watching one of my oldest friends walk down the isle. It always feels so surreal and it never feels that we're actually old enough to do all these grown up things like get married and have kiddy winks. But we are. I was so proud of Laura. She looked absolutely stunning and her and Mark are so perfectly suited that it almost feels as if the name Linden was just waiting for her....
Here are a few shots from a purely guest's perspective (due to the torrential rain we didn't really get any outside time so there actually wasn't much opportunity to get any shots of the bride and groom but they had a photographer doing that anyway so I thought I'd concentrate on some other stuff!)....

...and one little piccie that I took a while ago waiting for it to become Mr & Mrs Linden....


  1. You are just the cutest!!! Where did you find that road sign?? I love that you were snapping away all day, bless you!! Some gorgeous piccies you got there...is so nice to actually see some of it cos it all went in a blur!! Love the pics of you and Pedro too by the way xxxx

  2. Just can't stop wanting to relive this beautiful day which you have captured stunningly! BigSisX

  3. "the gallery toilets" ... totally made me giggle...love the 'detail' of the day you got.