Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook page..

"Wedding season is in full swing right now and although I feel like we're on top of the workload (and have implemented so many helpful tools to keep us on track and efficient).. sometimes running your own business.. it can feel quite overwhelming.  The work.. the emails.. the travelling.. the packing.. the unpacking.. the 'not dropping the ball'.. the organisation.. the way a week just disintegrates and before you know it you're heading off across the country to the next wedding (usually before we've even unpacked our suitcase from the last one).. and it can feel a bit relentless and can just give you a little wobble now and again.

Like today.  A non-stop 7 weeks means that I woke up today feeling like I'd been hit by a train.. not able to engage my brain all and needing a good cry.

So I'm going to listen to my body and got to the beach.. and tomorrow morning I'll get back in that driving seat and put my foot on the gas again."

Well it turns out quite a few of you feel the same way and from the comments, what stood out the most was that a lot of people seemed relieved that it wasn't just them that felt this way.  Thank god someone else felt the same.

Well.. sharing my thoughts and feelings on this blog over the past six years has definitely taught me one thing..

We all feel happy, sad, lost, overwhelmed, out of our depth, scared shitless, exhausted, proud of ourselves, think we haven't got a clue, jealous, fed up, grumpy, not good enough, like a fraud…

..we are all the same..

..and there's definitely some comfort in that.

Ps. The beach was ace.

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