After coming back from New Zealand we both wrote a blog post about how we felt and how life changing the retreat A Bit More Soul was for the both of us.  Pete has always got such a good way with words and what he wrote.. well,  I wanted it on my wall to look at every day.

We put a call out on fb to see if any one could make Pete's wonderful words look pretty and one of our friends Charlie Felgate came up with the goods… aghhh I LOVE it!!

Me and Charlie got chatting and our mutual friends.. the wonderful Andy and Emily Squires (they are actually one of our first couples that we photographed back in 2010) had had a bit of a rough time last year…

On the 14th April 2013 their gorgeous little boy Thomas was diagnosed with severe bacterial meningitis.  He was extremely sick, spending 3 weeks in hospital and many months afterwards recovering.  They subsequently found out that the illness has left Thomas profoundly deaf.  Whilst the news was devastating, Thomas appears to have made a full recovery and is a beautiful, happy and healthy little boy.  He now has bilateral cochlear implants to help with his hearing, both Andy and Emily are learning BSL as signing will be an essential skill for Thomas as he grows up and integrates himself within the Deaf community.. and the future is looking positive.

A few weeks ago Andy and Emily both ran the Brighton Marathon in aid of Meningitis Now and all their friends and family are so, so proud of the money that they've raised but more than that.. the sheer bravery and incredible strength that these two wonderful parents have shown.. we're just in total awe.

So we wanted to do a bit more.

We have a limited stock of 100 x 'Be the Artist' A5 prints and all the profits will be donated to the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital in Brighton where this little family's whole world was tentatively held in their hands.  From speaking to both Andy and Emily.. the Doctors and Nurses did an absolutely incredible job and we'd love to be able to show them just how much that means to Andy, Emily, all of their friends and family.. and of course to the smiliest little boy in the land, Thomas.

Me and Pete went to visit Andy and Em a few weeks before Thomas was due to have his cochlear implants fitted and I can't tell you how much of an absolute honour it was to capture this beautiful family's 'every day'…

So if you fancy some wonderfully inspiring words on your wall and would like to help an incredible hospital help more little people like Thomas then grab a copy of our limited edition 'Be the Artist' print now.. :)

'Be the Artist' A5 Print
350gsm Uncoated card

Includes P&P

Orders should be received within 10 working days

A MASSIVE thank you to Pete for actually making up these awesome words in that lovely head of yours.. to Charlie for her crazy wonderful illustrative skills and to Veronica Dearley for helping me with photoshop and colours.. Go team!!

If you do buy a print make sure you instagram it proudly wash taped to your wall using the hashtag #betheartist


  1. Wonderful words... wonderful people. Can't wait to get it on my wall :)

  2. Buying it right now... Beautiful words and beautiful typography. I vote for a whole series of these! Karen x

  3. Lovely words and pics :) will you ship to nz?

  4. Can't wait to add this to my wall! Knowing it is for such a great cause makes it a million times better - Always, Katie xx (From Auckland, NZ)

  5. I LOVE these words Emma, Pete said it well! This will live on my wall reminding me to be brave. Beautiful family pictures too. x

  6. Hi Emma, can I still buy this? If yes, will you ship to the us? Thanks xx