If you're a regular reader of our blog then you might know that we're heading back over to New Zealand in November and we're gonna be sticking around for a little while.. shooting some weddings and hugging everyone we know over there until about February.

After that we are aiming for America for much more of the same... so if you're getting married or fancy a shoot, (even if its en route we'll happily take a detour) then please get in touch.
For us our travel plans are as much about meeting people as it is about seeing places.. so we wanna meet you… we want to get to know you.. we want to shoot your faces.. and because, for now, we're keeping it open.. we will happily work around you..

So.. where we gonna be?

So if you're in NZ or Australia and are getting married or fancy a shoot between November and February then get in touch.  We'll be based in Auckland but are happy to travel… :)

Then.. we're open to suggestions..

Getting married?.. fancy a shoot?.. want a Welcome Home workshop to come to you?  We'll be heading to America in March so get in touch and we can make some plans around your plans.. :)

Let's make this s*%t happen.


  1. Wooohoooo!! Would love to meet and hang with you this time emma!

  2. Yay! Awesome news about you spending so long in New Zealand. Hopefully we will get to meet over tacos at Si and Soph (Bayly&Moore's) while you're here! They put on one mean taco night.

    Will be sure to send some referral weddings while you're here over to ya too!

  3. Oh yes! Im going to let a friend of mine know you're heading to nz. She's getting married end of January. :)