The past two months have been non stop. Weddings every weekend.. travelling up and down the country.. editing.. meeting couples.  When we're in the midst of wedding season weeks tend to move very fast.. we shoot a wedding on Saturday and before you blink it's Friday again and we're back on the road.  This year we wanted some time off.. just little pockets of relaxation to keep us healthy and happy and what I'm discovering is that I'm actually more productive when I give myself smaller segments of time to do things in... who'd have thunk it!?! Now I schedule my edits.. timetable my workflow and give myself weekly and daily targets.  So now we're having normal lazy Sundays.. evenings watching films and last week I even managed to have four days in Cornwall with my girls.. in JUNE!?!?  I'm actually getting pretty good at this time off lark..

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to.. and as you can see Max is getting pretty good at this lazing around too..

Oh look.. more lazing about.. mainly in the garden..

I then headed down to Cornwall with my gorgeous From Our Hearts girls.. Anna Hardy, Debs Ivelja and Joanna Brown.  We all try to get together for a few days at least once a year and now that Debs has a flat overlooking Fistral Beach in Newquay we had no excuse to not get together.  The week was spent eating healthy food.. lying out on the grass watching the surfers.. drinking wine.. talking shop.. and getting in the surf (ok so I just had a body board but at least I got in!).  All four of us didn't pick up our 5D's all week and opted for polaroids, cheap point and shoot film cameras and our trusty iPhones instead... and the weather was incredible.. I came back totally refreshed and pretty freckly.. :)

I'm so lucky to have these three amazing ladies as friends and now we have a new From Our Hearts addition in the form of Hugo.. Debs' new hound.. he was spoilt rotten with kisses and cuddles and fits in perfectly..

I really didn't want to leave..

More film stuff to follow.. :)

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  1. Ahhh Emma :) You have inspired me to go on holiday reading this blog post. Lovely images honey, love the one of the four people sitting on the bench the best :) xxx