emma and wayne {wedding}

Sometimes you shoot a wedding and your heart literally explodes.. for Emma and Wayne their wedding day was exactly about what it should be.. saying publicly how much they love each other and doing it surrounded by the people they love the most.  Their ceremony and speeches were so beautifully intimate and so from the heart.. it was just an absolute honour to witness.. then add the fact that Emma's Dad got the whole wedding party to sing Happy Birthday to Pete.. well.. I just wanted to pop everyone in my bag and take them home with us..

It's also so lovely to work with couples who genuinely want to work with us to get the best photographs.. I would say that both Emma and Wayne would admit to being a little shy in front of the camera.. but with that shyness came the most wonderful openness.. they were so beautiful and humble and just watching how in love they were was an absolute joy.. this is what matters.. this is what weddings are about..


  1. Wow!!! I can feel their love through the pics!!! Awesome job Emma x

  2. Absolutely fantastic. I love your work so much, it's always a treat having a good nose!

  3. Especially love the B&W shots - the one with their eyes closed is beautiful X

  4. Wow these images are amazing! very very inspiring

  5. OMG, amazing darlin x never seen anything like it xxxxx

  6. I have to admit that your work is absolutely astonishing. Vibrant colors and great composition. I am sure your clients are absolutely happy
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