just popping by...

We have a wedding tomorrow and then on Sunday we're heading off on our Welcome Home Workshop Road Trip.. I can't believe it's come around so quickly! Notes are being tweaked, goodie bags filled, butterflies are well and truly kicking in.. but one thing I know for sure.. I cannot wait to meet every single person that we've got coming.  There's been a lot of love being shared in the Welcome Home Facebook group and every single person is an absolute gem. I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time next week just hugging peeps... a lot.

So before we dash off I thought I'd share a bit of what the last month has been about.. well.. who it's been about.. I can tell you now.. there's been a whole lot of cuteness going down..

Kirsty and Jake made us giggle.. a lot..

..then Mouse and Pot NEVER stopped smiling...

..actually.. Amy and Ray didn't stop smiling either..

..and then we had possibly my favourite shoes.. and the cutest Charlotte and Casey (who smiled a lot too).. you are allowed two shoe shots right???....

We are so bloody lucky to get to work with this smiley lot..


  1. Emma Case.. you are bloody brilliant woman!
    We returned from the honeymoon yesterday and I am freaking out-over the moon at these photos from our wedding! You are wonderful and I just love you.. and Pete too.
    All these brides look soo beautiful and I am sure they are as crazy excited as I am to see all the pics. Thankyou soo much x

  2. I agree!!! So lovely to see these pictures, I am so excited to see the rest! We are so glad you were both there to capture our wonderful day. you guys are ace! I'm glad you appreciated the shoes as well...also, my bathroom floor has never looked that cool!! Much love xxx

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