Welcome Home Workshop..

So... we did it.  One day full of excitement, nerves, discoveries, support, tears, laughter, crazy weather, polaroids, sharing, shooting and lots and lots of butterflies.

This workshop was a huge thing for me.  When I decided to do Welcome Home I created the website and listed all the things that I would deliver... I read it over and over again.. some of it was straightforward, I can show them how I shoot, I can let them in to my business but I wanted to give them all more than that.  I wanted them to go away with those butterflies.. the feeling you get when you're inspired, when you feel that you're on the right track, when you can't wait to get home and implement all the things you've learnt.. when you reconnect with why you're doing something.. and that's not necessarily so easy to deliver..

In the lead up to the day we spent weeks and weeks designing bits and bobs, ordering things for goodie bags, sorting catering and outfits and then I sat down and began to write.. trying to sum up everything from the past few years.. everything I would want to know.. everything I believe in.. everything I've learnt..

The night before the workshop I was petrified.. preparations were taking longer than expected and although I had gone through all my notes I wasn't sure how long everything was going to take.. I didn't feel ready and the nerves were taking over.. we didn't head home until about 11pm and as I fell asleep I just kept thinking.. I can't wait for this time tomorrow when it's all done.. I can't wait for this time tomorrow..

But as I woke up the next day I felt calm.. I was excited to see everyone and was actually looking forward to getting stuck in.  People started arriving, grabbing a cuppa, chatting.. I had Pete, my sister Jodie, Lauren (from Grace and Gable), Jodie from Make-up by Jodie and Lee (Shutterbox Films) all kicking ass around me and suddenly I felt like "I can do this!"

The day was simply amazing.  The group were incredible.  Such an amazingly warm and open bunch of people who from the start were so open and willing to share and support each other.  Everyone was totally in it and watching them all shooting our gorgeous couple Lauren and Ste and then turning the camera on each other was just the best thing ever..

For me, this day was such a huge thing.  To be able to stand up and say with confidence how I do things is one thing but to stand up and say how I see things is totally different.. to put in to words how you feel about what you do, to explain why you do things.. and to ultimately be able to step out of what you do every day and to see it and really understand it.. it was such a good exercise.  I discovered new things about myself.. I totally reconnected with what I was doing and really felt like I got back to what was important.

But hands down, the best part by far was listening to each one of them at the end when they gave a little bit of feedback on what they had got out of the day.  What they said was more than what I could have ever dreamt they would say and I will never, ever forget that.  I honestly couldn't be happier that they all went away with maybe some ideas for their business, some beautiful images, new friends, some yummy gifts, some realisations.. but most importantly.. lots and lots of those amazing butterflies..

The only thing that I'm pretty gutted about is that I didn't get a lot of time to take any pictures myself (too much talking) so here are just a few from the day..

My gorgeous LC-A+ came out to play for literally 5 minutes! I was sooo busy all day I wish I'd taken more with this camera.. :(

Also a HUGE thank you to everyone that sponsored the workshop.... literally gonna marry everyone at Fotofafa  (and for the customised Welcome Home art prints by Rocketship Rosie.. I love them so!), the wonderful Folio Albums,  Lomography UK and Kelly Moore Bags... thank you for your generosity and for all the support... I just kept looking at the goodie bags and squealing! :)

I also have to say thanks to my husband Pete, my sister Jodie, Lee from Shutterbox, Lauren and Ste, Makeup by Jodie, Fur Coat No Knickers for the beautiful dress, Little a for the gorgeous flowers and Yumm Cafe for the scrummy food... everyone worked really hard and I couldn't have asked for a better team of peeps.. :)


My sister Jodie also instagrammed the shit out of the day (and was ridiculously helpful).. thank you so much Jodes.. it was the absolute best having you around.. :)

After shooting Lauren and Ste I wanted the group to have a play.. without a couple, without an agenda, without a client.. just to shoot each other.  Most photographers hate having their photo taken but I think it's a really good exercise to see how it feels on the other side.. it's also about pushing yourself, not just with the camera in your hand but with all those little things where your head says no I'd rather not do that..

I didn't really know how this part of the day would go but seeing the whole group shooting each other, talking polaroid portraits of each other and then lots of wild screams and runs to hide the polaroid from sunlight as quick as possible.. it was wonderful.  Everyone jumped in with both feet and it was definitely one of my highlights from the day.. here's some of the results.. :)

One last thank you goes to every single one of the guys that came along on the day.. you were all so open and warm and were an absolute pleasure to hang out with.. I couldn't have asked for ten more lovelier people.. thank you for completely making it and for all those hearts totally visible on your sleeves.. 

Here are some of the gorgeous blog post from some of the workshop attendees.. they all kick butt.

Oh and also keep your eyes peeled for a little video from the day courtesy of Shutterbox Films.. it's coming real soon... :)

So... who's up for the next one....? ;)


  1. I want to come again!!! ;)

  2. P.S - LOVE the photos taken with the LC-A+ wow....!

  3. The best workshop ever .. I loooved it and I am still enjoying it weeks after!! I can definitely recommend it .. Emma and Pete are wonderful people and you will learn so much, not only from them but from all the other photographers you will meet on the day!! Miss it and would looove to go again ;)

  4. Looks like everyone had so much fun...you are absolutely beautiful for wearing your heart on your sleeve for everyone to see. Keep doing what you do as the world is much better place for it xx

  5. Wow! Looks like an amazing day! I so want to be there!
    Well done Emma! We all knew you'd be fabulous! :) x

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  7. Emma, it was an amazing day, thank you all so much. Love the blog post and YOUUUUUUU. xxx

  8. WOW! Love these pics. Such a wonderful experience. It was a TOTAL pleasure to be involved :) Short film... coming soon! x

  9. It was a pleasure, no actually it was a real treat to be involved with Welcome Home! Emma we loved it and we love you!! Thank you for such an amazing day xx

  10. Emma Case's workshop was the Dog's you know what.....

  11. Oh, Emma Stair-Case. We're chuffed at the idea, but a few of us are already married, and I'm not sure Pete would like the idea much either.

    I think we're quite jammy to be working with such an awesome photographer as you.
    (As you can tell, I saved the list of British slang words you sent over)

    -David & the Fotofafa Family

  12. Loved seeing how different each photographer's style and point of view was when they were shooting the exact same thing... so unique! Also loved seeing the butterfly tapestries and your beautiful work space!

  13. Katrina Bartlam7 June 2012 at 20:33

    Sooooo jealous - would loved to have been able to come. Please have more in the future so I can come. Kat xx

  14. Looks amazing, so glad it went well for you and from everything I've heard it sounds like all the participants got a helluva lot out of the day too. Well done lovely!

  15. I heard about your workshop from Michelle who said it was a fantastic day. Really enjoyed this post, sounds and looks like a great day.