flight of the folio...

Folio Albums are the wonderful company that we use for our wedding albums... we fell in love with their gorgeous art books, leather covers, gorgeous matt pages, their impeccable service and of course Stewart Randall and the team.. so when Stewart invited us to come along to Birmingham on their 'Flight of the Folio tour' around the UK we were there.

The day was fantastic... looking over all the new products and getting to chat with other photographers whilst sipping ice cold drinks in the glorious sunshine... I highly recommend coming along to one of the dates up and down the country if you can make it.. there is nothing better than seeing and touching the albums for yourself and you might even make a few new friends too... :)

Have a look over on Folio's blog to see what they've been up to and where they're headed next... :)


  1. I've spotted my feet! ;-)
    Really good to meet you yesterday, it was lovely to hear you talk so openly about your business

  2. these photos are really nice, they have that hazey kind of summery feel to them, like the summer KFC adverts. I was wondering, are you a commercial photographer Birmingham? I'm looking at having some photos taken to advertise a range of t shirts I have designed and I would really like this kind of feel to them!