Designer Vintage Bridal Show is back!!

Wanna come to a wedding fair that you actually like? Well the fabulous Designer Vintage Bridal Fair is back with amazing vendors, fabulous dresses, shit hot entertainment and a lot of stuff that you would actually want at your wedding. It's a goodun and me and Petey Pete are gonna be there again eating cakes, taking photos and chatting to everyone!! Wahooooooooo!
This year it's at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground and it's on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October... it's gonna be ace!
Please check out the website on how to buy tickets etc.. oh and did I mention that a bunch of great bloggers are gonna be there too!! Rock n' Roll Bride, Love My Dress, Boho Events, Beyond Beyond and OMG I'm getting Married are all gonna be there! Wahoooo! Other fantastic vendors include Magpie Vintage, Rachel Simpson Shoes, Little a Floristry, AVA Event styling, Lucy Ledger Stationery, Boutique Baking Company and The Couture Company to name just a few!!
So... who's coming? :)
Here's a few images from the promo shoot we did a few months ago...


  1. Ah this show ROCKS! Can't make it this year (it's our wedding day *SCREEAAAAM*) but I can highly recommend it - great inspiration!!

  2. Gorgeous styling and fantabulous photography, the designer vintage bridal fair is not to be missed!xxx

  3. I ADORE these images! Really looking forward to it ~ hopefully get to meet you too x

  4. Visiting family in Cov this weekend, so hoping to get a few hours away to visit the show. Hoping to bump into you for the first time and say hello - I love your style!

  5. I LOVE these lots. Some of my favourite pics of yours, espesh the shot with her on the floor in the sunlight. Swit. Swoo xo

  6. great session, like brides' dresses too.