elise & nick

Elise and Nick's wedding was completely and utterly scrumptious in every way. I arrived at Middle Coombe farm and instantly a huge smile spread across my face... the farm was beautiful and taking a look around I was greeted with so many more reasons to smile... there was bunting, hay bales, camping, they had a lovely little marquee set up with an area for the open mic later on and an old gramaphone welcoming guests with it's crackling tunes :)
I then spotted Elise and we pretty much did a slow motion run at eachother ending with a huge hug (love my couples). Once Elise was ready (wearing the most gorgeous vintage dress) everyone made their way up in to the forest where the most amazing little clearing with a beautiful tree swing was found and a touching ceremony was held with friends and family conducting the ceremony, performing readings and playing all sorts of instruments... the ceremony ended with a handfasting with every guest tying a ribbon around their clasped hands.
Guests then spent the afternoon playing games on the field, including welly wanging, making paper lanterns and then we all had afternoon tea in the cider barn.
I then got to sneak Elise and Nick back into the woods and have some wonderful shots with a gorgeous old piano living out it's last days amongst the trees... (photographer heaven)
The rest of the day was spent eating a gorgeous veggie chilli, partaking in a very energetic Ceilidh and listening to one of their incredibly talented friends Katie sing and play guitar.
Elise and Nick... I hope you love your photos just as much as I've loved taking them and editing them... it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish to be a part of your wonderful day....


  1. These photos are simply beautiful!
    Honestly Emma, you are amazing.

  2. What an amazingly unusual wedding! Beautifully captured as always, I love your photos :)

  3. Implosion complete.

    It was worth it though.

    Lucy xxx

  4. beautiful woodland wedding... amazingly captured - as always!

  5. Oh Emma what an absolutely beautiful wedding and what absolutely beautiful photos. The one of them lying down sends tingles down my spine - gorgeous!!!

  6. I dont have the words to come anywhere near those images.... speechless.x

  7. Oh so fabulous! Did you enjoy the tilt and shift? x

  8. Oh gosh, this wedding is just so so beautiful & the photos are gorgeous!!

  9. Her dress is just gorgeous! What a beautiful bride. These images = stunning!

  10. just love the two labeled "336.jpg". just love.

  11. Undoubtedly your best wedding yet. And that's pretty big.

    You are world class. x

  12. I just found this by accident, because my name is Nick and I married an Elise on 4/6/11! I searched for 'Nick and Elise'. Lol.
    Great photos. Good luck to you and the couple.