good times/bad times

It's all a little crazy at the moment with moving and reassessing futures blah, blah, blah... but I'm a little overwhelmed how completely up and down it is.... it's either really good news or really bad news and it never seems to be 'just in the middle'. Take the last week or so as an example...
  • my photos were blogged in Rock 'n Roll Bride (yay!)
  • a water pipe burst in our house that we're renting out (boo)
  • I got accepted on to a BSL Level 3 course (yay!)
  • My car broke down on the way to Birmingham, I had to pay £120 to renew my AA cover and the car is now only fit for scrapping (a big boo)
  • I have 5 wedding enquiries for next year (yay!)
  • I get the flu as I'm just starting my new job so more time off without pay (boo)
  • Pete (fella) gets an email saying he can transfer his job to a branch in the South so he now has a job to come down to which saves our bacon (yay!)
At least, whatever happens, I can always take photos........ :)

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