The more times we get to do Welcome Home and the more people we meet doing this job the more I realise how important it is to embrace the fun, treasure the connections and be grateful for everything and everyone that walks in to your life.

Always make sure you enjoy the anticipation of what's to come.. enjoy the moments while you're there.. and take time to look back and appreciate what you've achieved.. together..

There will always be a special place in our hearts for Ireland and in particular,  Belfast.. and we are most definitely coming back..

A huge thank you to our wonderful friend Fraser who put this incredible stop motion film together from the day.. this makes me smile SOOOOO much...

And another massive thank you to the incredible Mel and Dave.. our gorgeous couple who came to model for us on the day.  It's funny how.. the very second they walked in.. we felt like we had asked our mates to come help us out for the day.. all that normal 'we're actually strangers and have never met' is just nowhere to be seen.. and what's there instead is just a feeling that we've actually known each other for ages.. we just haven't got round to meeting up yet.. :)

Mel actually wrote the most beautiful blog post about the workshop and how they felt being 'the couple'.. and for me this is just the icing on (an already pretty awesome) cake..

We'll be looking at some new Welcome Home dates over the next coming months so if you fancy becoming a homie and want us to come to you then let us know!


  1. Come to Wales! :D

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