Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Welcome Home 2014

We're SO excited to be announcing two new Welcome Home dates for March!  We've now got over 100 homies and we are so bloody thankful for this incredible community.  They constantly share their hearts, their fears and their knowledge with each other.. and are such a wonderful supportive family..

So if you don't know too much about Welcome Home.. it's a one day workshop and focuses on developing your artistic voice, finding your niche market, understanding and developing your brand, valuing the client experience, managing expectations and staying inspired.  There is also a couple shoot in the afternoon where you're free to just watch or get your camera out too.. 

Within these topics we will also be covering...
- Artistic Style
- Attracting your ideal client
- Understanding your 'why'
- Marketing
- Shooting
- Post Processing
- Pricing
- Workflow
- Client relationships and experience

But to be truthfully honest.. we've watched homies come away with so much more than that.  For me, my favourite thing about the day is watching the lightbulb moments.  I love seeing things click and as the day progresses we can see people's confidence grow.. they realise that they're no different from anyone else in the room and that they can ask ANY question and not feel silly.  They find a renewed sense of direction and at the same time find a bunch of crazy, wonderful mofo's to support them in doing it... it's ace.. :)

It's such a wonderfully happy environment and I feel extremely grateful to every single homie that has joined us for the ride..

The workshop is perfect for both beginners and those who have been shooting weddings for a while.. but we've also had non-photographers come along and get just as much out of the day...  

So where are we headed next????

We're coming up North! We asked on Facebook and Twitter and Leeds was the most popular!


*We are looking at a venue just outside of Leeds (about 20 miles) and it has good rail and bus links and plenty of parking.. :)

We love coming down to London so we're coming back!!


We are also offering peeps the opportunity to pay in instalments so you can pay your deposit now and pay the rest at the beginning of March... :)

If you would like to come along and become a 'homie' then you can either pay in full and book your place now or drop us an email at and we can send over all the info you need to pay in instalments.

And here's a bunch of lovely quotes from some of our lovely homies.. how cute are these lot?!!

So what you waiting for??? ;)